Ronald Lester
Internal Medicine with a focus on Transitional care in the post acute environment. High acuity patients with multiple co-morbidities require more attention than time permits in a traditional office practices at times. Mobility issues, advance maturity and difficulties with transportation further complicate the care of the acute and chronically ill. We are here to help and keep them out of the hospital whenever possible. I believe that the future of Healthcare rest in 3 categories: 1. Corporate practices such as those Hospital based/owned and a few independent practices guarded by the safe harbor of an Independent ACO like Premier Patient Healthcare. 2. Locum Tenens: as the shortage of physicians is unlikely to be filled anytime soon. 3. Home visiting practices: where the cost of caring for the infirmed is minimized by reducing overhead and the decentralization of the practice. It holds the potential freedom from insurance regulations if the path of concierge is taken and/or a unique opportunity to care for those often forgotten in the latter years of life. My current focus is on the latter. I hope to find partners to assist me in this venture moving forward.